Saturday, February 23, 2013

October, November,December, January, February

Well, this will be the world's longest blog post, because it's 5 months worth of stuff!  I won't ramble much though, mostly just pictures!

We sure enjoyed Halloween.  Hannah wore this same outfit her first Halloween, and it fit her perfectly. Connor on the other hand was busting out of it!
 We love our tradition of baking sugar cookies!
 And pickin' pumpkins!
 Cinderella, the pumpkin, the mouse

 and not to forget the Handsome Prince!

 Hannah loves getting her winter gear on!
 Our little Viking!

 Hannah never met a donut she didn't love

 Getting ready for Christmas!

 Up in Williams for the Polar Express!

 Hannah enjoyed playing with her presents!

 The Viking Family...

 Connor Lavin, M.D.

 This bouncy thing sure is FUN!!!

 And...already 6 months old!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Connor's First Professional Photo Shoot!

Well Connor is already 2 months old and I just realized that I never did upload pics from his newborn shoot!  These pics were taken by my wonderful sister, Jasmyn Anderson.  She is running her own photography business now.  Click here to find her: Anderson Photography.  Not only is she amazing but she is also very affordable!

Here are some of my favorites...these were taken when Connor was just 4 days old!

And here's the BIG guy now...weighing in at 13 lbs., 10 oz. at his 2 month check-up!
(Not quite the professional grade photo...good thing he's photogenic!)